The first B2B product portal

Clickcat P2H new version

with product catalogs and detailed product data
for professional users in many B2B industries
Based on the new and recolutionary Elecat for using paper catalogs in the browser. See the demo

We will soon present here a new type of B2B product portal based on Elecat
and offering professional users many unique features such as:

Paper catalogs for e-commerce on the Internet in Elecat, HTML and PDF
Paper layout 100% true to the original
Extremely detailed cross-vendor product data from a database
Products searchable via cross-vendor standardized technical attributes
Very detailed company data of manufacturers and dealers
Company and product data grouped by the world's best,
cross-industry, vendor neutral and non-profit grouping system
Global, national and local versions
User interface in many languages
Content in many different languages....because all business is local.
Ajax driven application software for interactive use in an Internet browser

Data on YellowParts:

Detailed product data
Searchable attributes
Cross-vendor searching
Product catalogs in PDF
Product catalogs in HTML
Product catalogs in Flash
Company homepages
Detailed company data
Local dealers
Contact persons and data
B2B website directory
Unique grouping system

Yellow parts is a unique combination of:

Product search engine but without the garbage data making other search engines unusable for professionals, instead with searching by technical product attributes (properties) standardized across different vendors.

Central product catalog repository with entired product catalogs in PDF and HTML from many manufacturers and dealers, ordered by eCl@ss and fully searchable.

Yellow pages specialized in B2B industries, globally, nationally and locally,
with very detailed company data far beyond name, address and contact information, with entire product catalogs, product data and with dealers linked to manufacturers.

Business contact website providing new customers and suppliers, offering much more detailed data than Alibaba, Thomasnet, Europages, Wer-liefert-Was or the many websites that deliver rarely more than the company name and contact data.

Product and industry grouping system ordering all essential data types by eCl@ss, the only cross-industry and non-profit standard product grouping system that delivers standardized product attributes as precondition for cross-vendor products searching based on specific technical data.

Company website directory providing all websites of the supported industries.

Very comprehensive applcation software both for local use on your PC as well as in the Internet browser using the latest Ajax technolgies. Details...

For most B2B industries:

Building & construction
Electrical industry
Electronic industry
Fasteners, fittings
Furniture, interior
Industrial supplies
Lights & lighting
Machinery & supplies
Metal & metal products
Norm parts
Process equiment
Rubber & plastics
Sanitary, heating etc
Tools of any type
...also suitable for most others not mentioned!

The unique concept of YellowParts: Local software for data vendors

Data vendors supplying their data to YellowParts get very comprehensive software free of charge for local use, with local database and for multiple re-use of the product data provided to YellowParts through this software.
This is an absolutely new and unique concept making the data upload to YellowParts an automatic procedure and a side-effect of your normal every day office work with the YellowParts application software.

With this very comprehensive YellowParts software you can :

  • Store, edit and administrate your detailed and multi-lingual product data
  • Automatically publish your own product and price lists
  • Use MSExcel and MSWord with user-defined templates for data output
  • Create your entire product websites
  • Enter and administrate quotes and generate detailed "quote catalogs"
  • Entire order-processing software
  • Automatic data exchange with business partners in many industry standard data formats
  • Applications running in an Internet browser in the latest Ajax technologies

Read here more about the very comprehensive and nevertheless completely free YellowParts software.