What is the YellowParts software for?

The YellowParts software administrates, generates and distributes product catalogs on paper, e-paper or HTML and it also covers business transactions from enquiry, via quotes to orders and up to invoices. The YellowParts software is in many parts similar and technically identical to the CATpool software although there are several differences resulting from the different concepts behind YellowParts and CATpool.

It is a professional, comfortable and very comprehensive software family that took over 30 man years to develop.
The YellowParts software consists of several products and it is phased in on a step-by-step basis. Here is a partial list of the most important software modules:

Step 1: YellowParts-PCM - the Product Content Management System
The PCM administrates all the contents of product catalogs, data sheets, brochures etc. including multilingual long text description in MSWord, RTF, or HTML, with formatted tables in MSExcel, with images and with flexible and user-definable product attributes. It supports several industry standard classification systems as well as your own classification and product grouping schema. YellowParts-PCM is a based on Elestore, which has been in use in the head office of the Philips group of companies in Holland since 2003 to administrate around 1 million products.

YellowParts-PCM offers flexible data import and export from and to various sources such as your existing databases, ASCII, HTML, MSAccess, MSExcel, MSWord, XML including BMEcat and to other databases.

There are many different additions available to enhance YellowParts-PCM such as EleRobot, EleExxel, ElePricelist, EleProductSite and several more.

Public data is supplied by the YellowParts server and private data is either imported or entered by you into your local database or exchanged bi-laterally and directly between business partners.

Step 2: YellowParts-POS - the Product Enquiry System for the POS
This YellowParts software is used at the POS and in sales to present all article data with fast and versatile searching, variable product attributes, long texts, with detailed technical data, with industry standard classifications (eCl@ss), entire product catalogs and everything that was entered by the data vendors.

Step 3: YellowParts-COM - the Data Communication System
YellowParts-COM exchanges confidential data only directly with your suppliers or customers. All communication is solely bi-lateral via email without ever using any third party server as this is the only way of true confidentiality. Data can even be encrypted, it is stored in your private local database only and there is no more handling when exchanging purchase prices, orders or any other private data.

Step 4: YellowParts-P2H - the PDF to HTML converter for existing product catalogs
YellowParts-P2H is your quickest way to make all of your existing paper catalogs and similar publications available in HTML on the Internet. YellowParts also provides you with web space for presenting your product catalogs in HTML. Take what already exists and convert it from PDF to HTML. You can get your current catalogs in PDF format from your printer without any additional costs (costs them one click to make PDF). Like that you are online immediately.

Step 5: YellowParts-Quote - the unique Quote Publishing System
This unique YellowParts software uses the CMS contents and the publishing generator to create very expressive, detailed and illustrated quotes, which look like a quote plus an attached individual catalog containing the offered products as they are printed in your or your supplier's product catalogs. Quotes are generated automatically from the YellowParts database in close co-operation with your ERP system and printed to paper, to PDF or converted to HTML for distribution to your customer.

Step 6: YellowParts-EP - the Database Publishing System generates product publications
The YellowParts-EP (Elepub) uses the PCM contents to automatically generate product catalogs, flyers, brochures, data sheets, prices lists, or similar publications on paper, as e-paper or in HTML via database publishing.

Manufacturers become independent from third party services and are enabled to produce catalogs automatically and much faster for any media, with automatic exchange of languages, prices and/or article numbers.

Dealers can finally generate their own product catalogs and price lists from data prepared by suppliers, ready for use and delivered from the YellowParts data server as your central data source directly into your local YellowParts PCM database where you can also add your own data.

The YellowParts software linked to your local databases, POS and ERP software

The YellowParts software is well prepared for being linked to your local databases, POS and ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) or to the one of your warehouse and/or your suppliers.

Of course, this is always something very individual requiring some work but it does make much sense because your sales people will get important data directly into the catalog page.